Where's the Beef?

For the past thirty five years the Davidson family have dedicated themselves to Scottish produce, and especially Scotch beef.

A Restaurant with Soul

Step through our 17th Century walls into another world. Relax into a comfortable couch or take in the magnificent Whisky bar. This is not a normal restaurant. It is a restaurant with character. A Restaurant with Soul.

Steak Cooked to Perfection

Hung, butchered, grilled and served on the premises. This way we can ensure your steak is cooked to perfection.

“The best steak I've ever eaten is served at the Champany Inn outside Linlithgow in Scotland: a truly outstanding restaurant and one I would recommend unreservedly” John Lanchester, Esquire Magazine

Real food. Cooked Simply.

Scotland has the finest produce in the world. By cooking the food simply we allow you to taste the true flavours.

Oysters from Loch Gruinart on Islay. Salmon from the deep waters of Shetland. Scallops from the West Coast and Scottish lamb from the border country.

What's on the menu?

The Champany à la carte menu is served Monday to Saturday lunch and dinner.
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The Supper Menu is the Fixed Price Menu offering a selection of sharing plates and individual dishes.

The Plant Based Menu brings together all our plant based options onto one menu.

P.S. We Forgot to Say...

Our signature starter Hot Smoked Salmon is pretty good too. Smoked in our unique smokepot, the delicate flavours will blow your mind. For the complete experience, ask what wine we pair with it. Always the same wine. From a family owned winery. A perfect combination.